How To Tell If It Is Retro Celluloid

Retro Celluloid Matchsafe

Retro Celluloid objects made years ago have become collector items and museum artifacts. There were a number of companies who manufactured celluloid for use in celluloid products. These items are not marked retro Celluloid.

Identification of retro Celluloid items requires sophisticated diagnosis test. However, here are some things you can do yourself to help you determine the material. Unless it has degraded to the point of oozing, Celluloid is very hard at normal room temperature.

It softens with moderate heat. Try warming the surface of a retro Celluloid item for a few seconds by holding it about 3 inches from a bright light. If it is retro Celluloid the item should be soft enough to leave a tiny fingernail imprint. You can also rub the item with a soft cloth it will give off the odor of camphor or menthol.

Retro Celluloid items

Schrade Cutlery Co. - Retro Celluloid Razor
Schrade Cutlery Company – Celluloid Razor

The Schrade Cutlery Company was founded in 1904 by brothers George, William, and Louis Schrade in Walden, NY. This Retro Celluloid Razor was one of their many products. The Schrade Cutlery Company also produced switchblades and pocket knives.

Celluloid Vanity Set
Celluloid Vanity Sets

This Celluloid Vanity Sets consists of green hand mirror, brush and fancy comb. They were the three basic items in the vanity set.

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