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The values of antique Celluloid items like the stock market are impacted by the state of the economy. When the economy is down the collectors have less discretionary funds to spend on collectibles like Celluloid. Celluloid prices can drop during these bad times and when the economy is humming along Celluloid prices will rise. Now is a good time to buy collectible Celluloid.

Personal taste should be considered when valuing a Celluloid item. Some Celluloid items have features that can appeal to you and others don’t. For example you may like vintage advertising Celluloid pin backs but not Celluloid vanity items. Your personal value of Celluloid pinbacks are high but very low regarding the Celluloid vanity items. However, the general collecting environment ranks Celluloid vanity pieces very high. If a Celluloid item reminds you of something in your childhood, father, mother or grandparents then you may value that higher than the market does.

Two bidders on an auction website like eBay who both want a Celluloid item for personal reason can often drive the price greater than the market price or average price. The first item may bring the higher price but what will the same item bring next week or next month?

The following tips should help you in determining the value of Celluloid items. (1) Rarity (2) Popularity (3) Quality (4) Condition and (5) Color.

Celluloid values or prices are usually more effected by rarity. Which means very few were made. Some Celluloid items are especially fragle and may not have survived over the years. The rare pieces can only become more valueable over the years. There is always a natural weeding out process that will leave the best, stronger or most unique Celleloid items available.

Celluloid disease or Celluloid rot is a process where Celluloid degrades at a fast rate or faster than normal rate. No one knows why this happens but it does. Never buy a piece that has Celluloid disease or Celluloid rot because it is incurable. Look for decomposing, flaking, brittle or cracked Celluloid that will celluloid values.

Celluloid Values - Celluloid Buttons
Celluloid Values – Vintage Celluloid Buttons

It is important to understand that printed value guides and website value guides are just that – guides. They could also be the author’s personal taste. Find Celluloid in antique shops, collectible shops, garage sales, shows and dealer malls. At Dealer malls Celluloid prices can be lower due to competition. You should also be aware that Celluloid is also called French Ivory.

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