Celluloid Purse Accessories


Celluloid Purse Accessories – During the early 1900s American Celluloid manufacturers created some the most colorful and beautiful women’s purse accessories ever made. These purse accessories were made for the average women and the “well to do” American’s. Just like today American women were looking for the latest thing in compacts, combs, cigarette lighters, cigarette cases and fans. Most of the popular Celluloid purse items were produced from 1900 to 1950. Charming Celluloid purse accessories included everything a girl needed back in the 1920s and items from this era are highly prized by collectors.

Celluloid Compact

Celluloid Purse Accessories – Celluloid Compacts

The decorative compact evolved from a practical package for face powder to a personalized fashion accessory in just a few short years. From its first formal appearance in 1908 the decorative compact was a must-have fashion accessory. Celluloid was used because it was readily available, cheap to produce and could be enameled, engraved, and painted. Celluloid Compacts For Sale

Celluloid Cigarette Case

Celluloid Purse Accessories – Celluloid Cigarette Cases

Cigarette cases refer to any type of small container used for carrying cigarettes. While these items have a determined function, their wide variety of styles and materials make them popular items for collectors. This is an iconic cigarette case made out of celluloid. It has a hand on the front and this style came in three different styles. Celluloid Cigarette Cases For Sale

Celluloid Purse Accessories - Celluloid Folding Comb

Celluloid Folding Combs

This small antique celluloid Art Deco folding comb for pocket or purse. It has a design of woman in repose, washed in pale blue and decorated on both sides of case. Celluloid folding combs like this one has value because of its style, condition and workmanship. Celluloid Folding Combs For Sale

Celluloid Purse Accessories - Celluloid Cigarette Holder

Celluloid Purse Accessories – Celluloid Cigarette Holders

Celluloid “souvenir of Havana” Ladies cigarette holder case and telescoping cigarette holder. Celluloid Cigarette holders are very common. Considering the flammability of Celluloid and its history why would anyone have chosen to produce a cigarette holder. Celluloid Cigarette Holders For Sale

Celluloid Fan

Celluloid Purse Accessories – Celluloid Fans

Celluloid Fans have been a popular ladies purse accessory since the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many Celluloid fans had advertising were highly decorated. A brise Fan (pronounced breeze) is a type of fan made from flat overlapping sticks that are die cut from Celluloid sheets. Celluloid Fans For Sale

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