Celluloid In Fashion

Celluloid Collars & Cuffs

The very word Celluloid is marked by the characteristics of an earlier period when ladies secured their hair in place with decorative combs and gentlemen strugled with the discomfort of stiff Collars.

The story of Celluloid in fashion begins with waterproof collars and cuffs when it was introduced as an alternative to linen. Celluloid was a material that often pretended to be something it was not. Celluloid was once described as “a new material in the arts” and could be molded into any desired form.

Celluloid in Fashion served as a functional substitute for luxury materials like ivory, tortoise shell, agate, coral, amber and other materials. Celluloid Jewelry For Sale

The value of old jewelry, more than that of most collectibles depends on material and its visual effect. Celluloid jewelry was fairly cheap to make but today it demands high prices depending on the precious stones, gold and/or silver content.

Celluloid In Fashion - Celluloid Necklace

Celluloid In Fashion – Celluloid Necklace

Necklaces have been a component or part of jewelry for 40,000 years. Originally necklaces were made of natural materials such as gems, wood, stones, coral, bone or shells.

This Celluloid necklace reflects a style that was popular around the turn of the century. This baby blue Celluloid flower garden necklace is 20 inches long. Find 100s of Celluloid necklaces here. Celluloid Necklaces For Sale

Celluloid In Fashion - Celluloid Pin

Celluloid In Fashion – Celluloid Pin

Huge quantities of jewelry was handcrafted, machine molded or stamped out of Celluloid included many nice pins. Most of these pieces were mass produced and today sell for only a few dollars.

This beautiful vintage Celluloid Angel Cherub pin features huge pink rose and gold pin. It dates back to the 1930s or older. Celluloid Pins For Sale

Celluloid In Fashion - Celluloid Brooch

Celluloid In Fashion – Celluloid Brooch

This wonderful early brooch features a celluloid cameo set in a silver tone twisted rope frame. Nicely detailed hand made designed brooch of what looks to be from the Art Deco era of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s that first appeared in France. Most Brooches started out as fasteners rather than decorative pieces of fine jewelry.

Art Deco jewelers though of plastics like Celluloid as a cheap substitute for costlier materials. The Art Deco period lasted only a short time due to World War II and good pieces are hard to find today. Great Celluloid Brooches can be found here. Celluloid Brooches For Sale

Celluloid Rings

Celluloid In Fashion – Celluloid Rings

This hand crafted Art Deco type Celluloid ring is incredible. It is a light weight piece that was painstakingly assembled from several separate piece of antique Celluloid. Heat was used to shape the Celluloid and acetone bonds the layers together for a great look.

This French Art Deco laminated Celluloid dome ring a one of a kind work of art. Find hundreds of great Art Deco type Celluloid rings here at a great price. Celluloid Rings For Sale

Celluloid Novelty Jewelry

Celluloid Novelty Jewelry

In the 1930s Celluloid novelty jewelry began to appear on the market from Japan. They made inexpensive pins and brooches in the form of animals, birds and insects. Japanese Celluloid imports stopped during World War II but they relied on Celluloid production after the war to rebuild their economy. Celluloid Novelty Jewelry For Sale

Celluloid Bracelets

Celluloid Bracelets

These vintage Celluloid molded bangle bracelets are a painted art deco design type. You will find a wide choice of crisply detailed floral patterned Celluloid Bracelets here. Colors vary from piece to piece. Celluloid Bracelets For Sale

Celluloid Ear Rings

Celluloid Ear Rings

A shopping spree here or any trendy boutique of today you will find colorful Ear rings made of Celluloid plastics. During the Great Depression the plastics industry was one of the few to thrive making all kind of Celluloid jewelry including ear rings. Celluloid Ear rings For Sale

Celluloid Buttons

Celluloid Buttons

Button collecting began when young women put together “Charm String” in the 1870s with the invention of Celluloid. This wonderful assortment of buttons include those manufactured from Celluloid.

These colorful buttons were fashioned from sheets of Celluloid. Celluloid Buttons For Sale

Celluloid Buckles

Celluloid Buckles

This unusual Art Deco green buckle from the 1930s was fashioned from colored sheet Celluloid. Hand crafted buckles like this one are a favorite among Celluloid collectors for their awesome variety of colors and shapes.

Collect Celluloid buckles today. Celluloid Buckles For Sale

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