Celluloid Hair Combs

Celluloid Hair Comb

Until the flappers adopted the boyish bob in the 1920s, women for centuries had worn their hair long and had fastened it with decorative Celluloid Hair Combs. From the 1700s to the early 1900s such combs were the height of fashion and many were beautifully made. Most were carved of tortoise shell or horn. Although other materials such as bone, ivory and silver were used by the late 1800s so was Celluloid.

Designed to serve as jewelry, these Celluloid hair combs were generally identified by the position in which they were worn. That is, as back or side combs. Also included are the single or double pong ornamental pins. These combs were prized possessions passed down as family artifacts. Today they are sought after both as wearable artifacts and as mementos of a bygone era. Fine combs in good condition are scarce and can only be enjoyed fully when seen against a crown of hair.

The first Celluloid combs were nearly as tall as they were wide. The shape was curved with a row of teeth. Designs included the use of molded designs, gemstones, carvings and inlaid. Some Celluloid combs were further enhanced with painted detailing.

Celluloid Hair Combs - Celluloid Back Comb

Celluloid Hair Combs – Celluloid Back Comb

Sparkling Art Deco red rhinestone and amber Celluloid back hair comb. This Celluloid back comb measures 7 1/2 inches x 4 inches and is a Spanish mantilla style. The difference between a side and back combs lies in the size and design of the combs not in the manufacture or material used. There are three types of tooth combs – Cut tooth combs, pressed or molded. Back combs and sidek combs are finished by buffing and polishing. This gives them high luster. The cheapest ones are immersed in glacial acetic acid which makes them very shiny. Decoration of back combs may be perfectly plain or decorated. Find Celluloid Hair Combs here. Celluloid Back Combs For Sale

Celluloid Hair Combs - Celluloid Side Comb

Celluloid Hair Combs – Side Comb

This large Celluloid side comb is done in a pale yellow Celluloid with gold and red lacquer and shell inlays. The comb was made in Japan and measures 4 inches x 2 inches. Side combs usually always appear in pairs and are smaller lighter and less elaborately decorated than back combs. Medium priced side combs and back combs are made of celluloid or some material of similar nature. Decoration of side combs and back combs may be perfectly plain or decorated. Add one to your Celluloid collection today. Celluloid Side Combs For Sale

Celluloid Hair Pins

Celluloid Hair Pins

The hairpin has a long and even sparkling history. Women adorned their hair with two pronged pins topped with gold, silver or jewels and since that period ornamental pins have been worn at various times whenever fashion called for hair piled high on the head. From the late 1700s to the early 1900s fancy hairpins were made of horn, tortoise shell or silver including Celluloid. Most were two pronged hairpins but some were single prongs. Hairpins are sought after today and make handsome additions to a collections of combs. Celluloid Hairpins For Sale

Celluloid Barrettes

Celluloid Barrette

A barrette or hair clip is a bar shaped clasp for holding a women’s hair in place. Vintage barrettes are often made from Celluloid. Not often collected by Celluloid collectors but can be found here. Tiny rhinestone decorated barrettes were the best way to decorate a stylish short haircut. Celluloid Barrettes For Sale

Celluloid Hatpins

Celluloid Hatpins

By the early 1900s ladies long shanked hatpins fashioned of Celluloid became very popular and many have survived today. The Celluloid Hat and Trimming Company of Newark, NJ produced many Celluloid hat pins in the late 1800s. Sheet Celluloid was used to make these hatpins along with steel pin shanks. Celluloid Hatpins For Sale

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