Celluloid Eyeglasses

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Optical lenses have helped people see since the 13th Century. Three types of eyeglasses were in common use back then. The single lens quizzing glass, two lens scissors glasses and the temple spectacles. All three styles remained popular for generations. However, people of fashion were careful not to be seen wearing temple glasses in public. Except for Benjamin Franklin of course. Hand held single lenses and spectacles without side pieces were ones most used by people in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Eyeglasses that were worn, not held, did not win favor among fashion leaders until the late 1920s.

Celluloid Eyeglasses
Celluloid Eyeglasses

The earliest example of Celluloid eyeglasses a Celluloid collector can hope to find date from the early 1900s. This impressive antique tortoise shell patterned spectacles were made in the 1920s or 1930s. The frame is tortoise shell colored reddish brown. Celluloid Eyeglasses For Sale

Celluloid Sun Glasses

Celluloid sunglasses became widely available in the 1870s in mail order catalogues. Back then they sold for as little as 15 cents a pair. As a results they are easily found today here and auction sites like eBay. Celluloid Sunglasses For Sale

Celluloid Opera Glasses

Opera glasses or theater binoculars are compact low power optical magnification optical devices. Thy were usually used at opera performance events. They usually had only a 3x to 5x magnification in order to minimize image shake and a large field of view. Most were covered in “Mother of Pearl” however some were made of Celluloid. Celluloid Opera Glasses For Sale

Celluloid Magnifying Glass

Celluloid Magnifying Glass For Sale

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